Ver Artis is your passport to Dutch delights. We offer guided tours to majestic museums and picturesque cities in the Netherlands. Explore our services and plan your next experience.

Museum tours

Stroll through art history at the Rijksmuseum. Immerse yourself in Dutch masterpieces at the Mauritshuis. Challenge your perspective at the Kunstmuseum. The Netherlands is brimming with art at every corner.


City tours

Up for some city vibes instead? Take a leisurely jaunt through the picturesque streets of Amsterdam or Delft. Admire the countless institutional buildings in The Hague. Or try to make a sense of the bizarre architecture in Rotterdam.


Custom tours

Feeling adventurous? Or just very undecided? Let’s plan a tailor-made experience together. Mix and match your favorite museums, combine a few city tours, or come up with any other extravagant combination.



Feel like spicing things up with a dash of challenge? Add a quiz to test your wits as you explore, and who knows, you might just become the honorary Dutch trivia champion.


Plan your experience

Whether you’ve got a clear vision or you’re seeking inspiration, we’re ready to craft a tour that meets your needs. Reach out to us!

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